Soft Landing: Transitioning Back to School

If it has been a while since you were in a public classroom, you may want to ease you way into the college routine by enrolling in a variety of courses that are:
  • Noncredit, but can be changed to credit standing*
  • Noncredit and workforce facing – moving you toward recognized certifications of skill sets.
  • Shorter and less expensive than classes that count for credit.
  • Have an easier pathway to enrollment . (No transcripts, etc. required, and a simple “Online shopping cart” registration system.)
Our “Soft Landing” may be the “Safe Landing” you need for a successful return to College!
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Project Management



Academic Enrichment



 Grade can be recorded on a TCC transcript after the successful completion of [enrollment in TCC within one year of completion AND an additional] 12 credit hours taken at the college.

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