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Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

What are Continuing Education Units?
Continuing Education and Workforce Development at Tulsa Community College offers Continuing Education Unit (CEU) courses. CEUs are nationally recognized units for measuring educational participation in continuing education non-credit programs. One CEU is awarded for every ten (10) hours of completed coursework. CEUs provide the framework for documenting students’ efforts to update or broaden their knowledge and skills. These CEUs are accepted by many employers and professional agencies as evidence of your commitment to career advancement and the maintenance of professional competence. Courses granting CEUs do not offer academic credit.

If CEUs are required for various licensed professions, you must check with the licensing board for your profession to ensure that a course meets the educational requirements.

To ensure accurate attendance tracking, instructor(s) will take role or students may sign the attendance roster during each class. CEWD retains the right to not award CEUs if proper documentation of attendance cannot be provided. Obtaining CEUs requires minimum 70% attendance and completion of required class work. To receive a certificate documenting CEUs earned, students must submit a written request via email. CEUs are not granted for hours spent on activities such as performances, field trips, or tours.

How do I get a copy of my student CEUs record?

Verification of your CEUs will be provided upon request.  Student records from our website are for personal tracking only and cannot be used to verify the number of CEUs accredited to the student. To obtain a certificate of completion with your CEUs, please submit your request to CEUs verification may take up to two (2) weeks to be issued.