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Invoice Policy

If your company or employer offers to pay for your course(s), then they may use a company check or credit card or we can invoice them directly if they supply us with a company purchase order number.

Our billing policy is for businesses only. We will invoice the student's employer only upon receipt of one of the following documents BEFORE the class starts:

  • Company purchase order. This is the actual purchase order, not just a purchase order number. This may be faxed to us at 918-595-7993 or sent by email at

  • Letter or email from the student's supervisor, human resources, or someone who is authorized to guarantee payment. This letter must state the student has permission to take the course and that the company guarantees payment.

  • We are unable to register a student for courses until the purchase order or other paperwork is received. We will not accept contingent purchase orders, such as "must receive a passing grade OR grade of 75% or better." If the company wants a student's course information, they may request a student release form. If a student is concerned about losing a seat in a class while waiting for their company to issue a purchase order, we suggest that the student pay with their personal credit card and seek reimbursement from his/her company.