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When you register for any TCC-CEWD course(s), students will create a student profile with a limited amount of personal information so TCC-CEWD can maintain a record of students' attendance and/or grades. For registration purposes, we ask for the student's name, address, phone number, and date of birth.

TCC-CEWD uses your personal information to provided you up-to-date instructions about learning events, to notify you of any important changes, and to communicate special offers.

To register for classes online, students may pay with a Visa or a MasterCard. Please click on the course title to see the class description and to register.

Checks and Money Orders are payable to Tulsa Community College. Cash must be paid in person at the Continuing Education Office between Monday - Friday at Tulsa Community College Northeast Campus in room 142 of the Academic Building. Please bring exact change.
For further registration assistance or questions, please contact us at (918) 595-7200 or

If the class you are interested in is already full, add yourself to the waiting list and please check with us to see when it will be offered again. Please provide us with the course title when contacting us. 

For ESL Classes:
To register for classes, students must call ESL's office at 918-595-7536 or visit their office at TCC Northeast room 1512 in the Student Union Building. To learn more about the ESL Program, click here.

Early registrations are encouraged at least one week before the first day of class to ensure adequate enrollment and space availability. Most courses fill up quickly, so please reserve your spot as soon as possible. Course tuition must be paid for in full at the time of registration. In addition, please read the course content for the list of material(s) you may need to purchase separately for the class unless indicated that all materials will be provided. Credit/Non-Credit class materials will be listed in the syllabus.

Please note that our programs are designed for adults, so participants must be at least eighteen (18) years of age unless otherwise approved by the course instructor. Each student must complete a separate online registration for each person registering.

How do I create an account with TCC-CEWD?

For first-time users, students must complete a Student Profile for each person registering or create a Household Profile.

The Household Profile is designed for families or a group of people who share the same contact information such as address, phone number, email, etc. This profile is popularly used for our College For Kids Program.  Complete the Household Profile with the guardian's/parent's personal information; once the account is created, you'll have the option to add your child(ren)'s names to the account. This will save you time.

I am a TCC student and I have a T#, is my login information the same as MyTCC?

No, you must complete a separate Student Profile with TCC-CEWD. 

I have attended TCC before and I have a T#, is my login 
information the same as MyTCC?
No, you must complete a separate Student Profile with TCC-CEWD.

Click here to create a profile.